video of celebrations

Video shooting of a holiday, action, celebration

Any memoirs are forgotten sooner or later. Those times when memory consists not only in memoirs have come. Now – your memoirs in your hands – they can be embedded.

The professional video-operator can make wonders –to pick up a foreshortening correctly, to use a support, when necessary, and competently film the dances and performance of actors. After all celebratory action is constant movement, and only professional hands can competently and beautifully fix exactly the movement.

Duration of your holiday can make from 2 till 4 hours, and the highest moments will be in a film and will be combined harmoniously with each other.

To make your holiday professionally mounted and looked as the present feature film, instead of the hand-made article, digital nonlinear installation is used. Such installation is applied to creation of a telecast and feature films.

We will individually arrange a cover of your disk, and it will take a worthy place in your video-collection.


It is possible to decorate action effectively by translation of a video data with your break bumper and logo on the big screens in online mode.

There are some kinds of translation:
1) Plasma panels
2) The Projective equipment

Depending on a place of carrying out of action our operator will help to define a kind, quantity and the size of the screen – staginess will be provided!

In advance prepared materials – the break bumper, the logo and your advertising film will give only positive emotions to your action!

Your company doesn’t have advertising film yet?! We will prepare all necessary material with pleasure!

The direct transmission looks very festively – the video-operator sends the most entertainment moments of evening on the screens and gives close ups which are inaccessible to all visitors. Basically for this reason people resort to translation on the events which quantity of visitors exceeds 30 persons.

Plasma panels and screens on various presentations, concerts, exhibitions, corporate holidays, and actions are very effective.

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