reportage photography

Reportage shooting is the real document. The impartial witness of event, chronicle of each instant, force of movement, a unique cocktail from uniqueness and concentration. It is the special genre demanding clearness of movements and professional skill.

Force of reportage shooting is concluded in its vitality and newsworthiness. It’s not a glossy picture for magazine, it is an objective picture of an event.

Reportage photographing is used in such actions as exhibitions, meetings, festivals, competitions, concerts, sports competitions, conferences.

Reportage shooting is very difficult on the realisation. After all at the moment of photographing the photographer cannot miss any detail. The main thing is not to miss an event drive, to transfer each important point. Professionalism of the photographer reveals in reportage shooting to the full extent. Conditions in which it is necessary to work, frequently leave much to be desired. Only skilled and well prepared photographer can execute reportage shooting where each removed second matters and bears history.

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