Portfolio manufacturing

The main priority for the professional portfolio is to show not only the object, but the person. To reflect its best lines, to transfer dynamics of its character, to show how it can vary, show a plasticity, photogenicy, character.

It not simply photos,but advertising of the person, a set of the first class photos which will serve as the card to models, actors of theatre and cinema, fashion designers, actors, public people. Certainly, any person who wishes to have beautiful and original photos in the arsenal can order a portfolio to itself. It is a collection of images and moods.

The photos of the big format executed on the professional equipment enter into a portfolio.

It is better to shoot portfolio in studio, but at will of the client, photographing can be spent and in various interiors. The variety of foreshortenings and plans will help to show the person in a various images and style, to open and underline its bright individuality. Such practice transfers all advantages, represents them in the best way.

PORTFOLIO (1 hour)

2. Preparation of files for printing 3-5 items!
3. CD/DVD record with all files of photo shooting!
4. A big choice color backgrounds!
5. Duration of photo session is 60 minutes!
6. Individual attention to every client!
7. You can receive all pictures in the day of shooting!
8. Shooting for a portfolio is making on the professional equipment only!

What should you have for photo session?

1. Cheerful mind 🙂
2. Some couples of footwear to change
3. Some clothes to change
4. Make–up…

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