manufacturing of preview trailers

The modesty is the first step to uncertainty, we are in advance of our competitors easily and cheaply.

Interest to video-advertising grows every day. The preview trailer is a short film about the goods or service by duration from 10 till 30 seconds.

It is not important where will you stir it: on TV, in the internet or in the outdoor advertising, it is important how you will shoot it. After all during 20 seconds it is necessary to have time to show not only the goods or service, but usually some story.

In a preview trailer each detail is important and delicate operator’s work is necessary.

The professional can make a lot – to show all nuances of a product, and also not to spoil, but only to improve idea of a preview trailer.

We will competently prepare and make film-shooting process, we will involve all necessary experts, arrange an interior and scenery for shootings, and carry out all spectrum pre-production and post-production actions. For an embodiment of the most original ideas of a preview trailer we use the computer graphics or animation.

What will it be – it’s up to you, and we are ready to help with realisation of a videoclip and a clip of any timing, format, budget and marketing problems. Show your goods the best possible way!

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