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Corporate video is a communication at different levels, depending on the film audience, all levels are important and there are not present insignificant details here.

Corporate film manufacturing of a is the first bridge to your new business partner. Besides usual cut-away, you show also cut-away of whole your company – a corporate film.

Creation of a corporate film strengthens corporate culture and makes your collective as one big family.

This film can show your everyday working life, process of manufacturing or the moments of corporate rest or a celebration.

We will particulary register the scenario, rely on your requirements and will consider structure and all features of your company. Timing of a corporate film can be any, but usually it is 5 – 30 minutes.It is all depended on the purposes and information filling.

Especially popular is a corporate video for the holidays, for example, on March 8, new year, February 23, or some anniversaries of the company. In such cases, going to the leaders, subordinates, organized a banquet, usually a matter entrusted to professionals, not to forget something important and not to spoil the other party.


During editing we use computer nonlinear installation, 3D drawing, special effects, photos, a caption and the offscreen text of the announcer. The video shooting of a corporate film is made on professional digital camera SONY – Z1E.


Our optimum prices, the minimum terms of manufacturing and brilliant result will pleasantly surprise you. Corporate video our videoperatorami will make you happy and show complete professionalism.

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