Advertising always remains the engine of commerce

Now advertising is inalienable attribute of each company.

It is a shame to enter the market without advertising, and not to struggle through brilliant rollers, prints and promo-actions of competitors! It is necessary to be engaged in advertising! And also it is necessary to make it. We help to do advertising. Leave to us photo and video shooting!

We will make all photo and video works at the highest professional level.

Manufacturing of video clips of any complexity and timing, shooting of corporate, exhibition, presentation, training, wedding clips. We will make video-cutaways, video trainings, video-instructions, video and photo reports, video guides. We will incur all pre-production and post-production actions.

Our photo painters will realise your most mad advertising ideas. Image, subject, art, glamour, creative, architectural, interior photographing, still-life and landscapes for catalogues, production, exit, studio photographing, – all this and many other things we are ready to give it to you in the best quality and in short time.

Photo and video shooting of advertising and special actions, festivals, promo-actions, competitions, presentations, exhibitions and show.

We can make the image for any advertising carrier and the equipment: for booklets, brochures, posters, catalogues, fair brochures, external boards, extensions, cards, calendars, shelf talkers, the llama-displays, flyers, leaflets, table tents, wobblers, invitations, POS-materials, advertising racks and stands.

Design Studio

We offer:
– development and support of web-sites: online business card, promotional website, an online store;
– design of printing (print, business cards);
– processing, photo retouching of any complexity;
– logo design + corporate style.

Offer: 2 sites for the price of one. Two versions of business card site design.

You can receive the additional information and consultation from our experts
tel: +7 (495) 778-43-34. 24 hours!

Video shooting for business

The video shooting in business has wide sphere of application. There are various categories of films, depending on the purposes which face to the company. Basically the video shooting for business promotes company advancement as brand in business community, and also forms its image.

The presentation film – is bright, but the short story about your company. The purpose of such film is to be introduced, present itself to potential partners. It is necessary to shine company mission, stages of its development, to acquaint with employees and a management in this film. The professional announcer will perfectly sounds history of your company.

Corporate film – is the excellent tool of dialogue with the customer, the partner in business or the client. It is convenient in case if your problem is to show company potential, production or manufacture process.

The image film – is necessary for any modern organisation. Such film is irreplaceable for dialogue with the potential consumer. The image film can be broadcast on reception or in waiting room or where you expect or your potential clients usually appear. It contains the general information on the company, tells about its place in business community, shows achievements, in a word, – forms positive image of the company in the opinion of consumers.

The video catalogue. The main purpose of such a video product is to show a considerable quantity of the goods, set of various models of technics, the equipment in operation. It is a short documentary film which does not demand additional creative ideas. Professionally made, it will serve many long years for the company blessing. Video catalogue is often acts as instrument for address advertising, direct-marketing.

The technical video film – is applied in the high technology industries. Its purpose is to show difficult and labour-intensive process and to inform clients and partners about it. It is to show difficult manufacture where access to usual people is closed. Duration of such films seldom exceeds 20 minutes. Using 3D schedules, visual effects, qualitative music underneath, the competent off-screen text will not allow to the spectator to miss.

ВThe video shooting of films for business is carried out on digital camera Sony Z-1E. Installation is made only on the newest digital equipment. It says itself that only highly skilled experts can work on it.

You can receive the additional information and consultation from our experts
tel: +7 (495) 778-43-34. 24 hours!

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